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When we live within our fears and the self-sabotaging habits they create, we lose our confidence, zest for life, and ability to tap into our authentic nature. 


In this state, it’s impossible to feel worthy of a great life, to be at peace, and embrace love.


At times we may reach high standards of success, but something inside robs us of our energy and confidence, leading us to sacrifice ourselves in pursuit of misaligned and unsustainable goals.


What is it costing you to live within your traumas, perceived limitations, and feelings of unworthiness?



Through our work together, we will uncover and release the fears, judgements, and self-sabotaging patterns that are blocking your path. As you release layers of limiting beliefs, fears, and trauma, your true self can reemerge. 

As you reconnect with your authenticity, your passion for life will reignite and your emotions will become your allies. As this happens, life will feel lighter, more peaceful, and reveal the potential that has always been within but has felt out of reach in the past.

You’ll live the life you’ve been longing for, and reunite with the self you’ve been seeking. Together we will reactivate your creativity, restore your confidence, and realign your life with your soul purpose.

Hello, My Name Is Jolenny Piedra
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I help high achievers get to the next level by getting clear on who they are and what they really want. I also serve people that are emotionally or mentally stuck. Together we’ll reframe your stories in a way that is empowering and reveals the wisdom in your traumas. 


You have my commitment of patience, of understanding, and of unwavering and unconditional acceptance and love as we navigate your unique journey, together. 


As a woman, my life has not always felt aligned and nourishing, as it does now. My childhood was colored by physical and emotional abuse, deep religious wounding, and the massive physical trauma of being hit as a pedestrian by an SUV at age 13.


This near death experience put me in a coma for 2 months while the doctors very literally put my body back together. 

I emerged from the coma with the tasks of relearning how to walk, to talk and to function as a human being. My young adulthood mirrored the trauma that lived inside me from childhood. I suffered a number of injuries that left me hospitalized and in need of multiple surgeries. I was cut off from my emotional world, and in turn, I fell into substance abuse, dissociation, and a series of unhealthy relationships.


The healing journey that emerged through me in my mid-twenties--after years of physical, emotional, and religious trauma--felt nearly unbearable. 


It was a transformative process that led me to my True North--revealing to me my life purpose as a Trauma Informed Coach. In the process I excavated the misaligned and trauma-based belief systems that I had been living from. 

I renewed my long-standing commitment to living my life in, from, and with Love.  In doing so, I healed myself of Autoimmune disease. And with that “miracle,” I restored within myself a sense of agency over my life--a feeling that allowed me to choose, again and again-- truth, health, and self love.


In 2008 I was led to the University of Santa Monica, where I graduated with a Masters Certificate in Spiritual Psychology; and then continued on to receive Dual Certification as a Life Coach and Spiritual Life Coach from Life Purpose Institute. 


Over the past 14 years I have worked with thousands of clients--holding a space of deep safety and acceptance as they mapped their own paths from emotional and spiritual darkness back to the light of truth and of love. 

How To Connect

Book A Discovery Call

In 20 minutes

we will explore the goals & challenges you're facing and create a plan for you to work through them.


Your Truth

Your soul carries a sacred blueprint. I'm here to help you uncover it. Together we will bring it to the world.


Your Life

When you overcome your challenges and align with your truth, everything changes. Welcome to the life you love.

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“I have been working with Jolenny for over a year now and she has helped me navigate many of life’s challenges. She is easy to talk to and sets an environment where you feel completely comfortable to open up. She never judges, she is extremely understanding and offers guidance in a way that sheds light in a situation from a perspective that perhaps the ego is blocking one to see. In this journey together I feel that I have unpacked more emotions that has helped me grow and expand in a way that helps me better understand my patterns so I can thrive in all areas of life. I’m am so grateful for her guidance and the journey continues....


"I have had the wonderful opportunity to work one-on-one with Jolenny. Her strength compounded with the unconditional love of her heart creates a container for powerful and lasting transformation. Jolenny holds a space like no other. Working with this beautiful soul has been a game-changer!


"Therapy with Jolenny has truly been one of the best investments I have ever made in myself. Jolenny has a way of holding the safest and gentlest space. I can bring anything to her and know that I will not be judged or shamed. Being in her presence makes my entire nervous system feel at ease; I think anybody who meets her can attest to the same. Our work together has been transformational for me...I've been able to integrate and understand on a cellular level the lessons that life has been trying to teach me. And perhaps most importantly, I can be unconditionally loving with myself in the midst of it all. I credit Jolenny for assisting me in becoming the most independent, radically self-loving version of myself. 

Trauma-Informed Spiritual

Life Coaching


You are ready to drop the veil. You are prepared to embody the truth of who you really are. To align with your dreams and live your potential. At this potent moment, intention and action must meet. 


On the same breath that you allow your excitement and hope to rise up, old patterns and traumas come crashing down—planting seeds of deep doubt. You once again question your self-worth and your ability to show up fully in the world.


Does this sound familiar?


It is my conviction that everyone deserves to access their soul blueprint—to live the life of their dreams. I understand what it's like to feel disconnected and lost.


My own journey from excruciating spiritual darkness, through a powerful healing process, and then into a life I cherish is the exact reason I have devoted 14 years of my life serving in the transformation of others. 


This is how we change your life: an initial phone call helps you to gain clarity around your goals and challenges, personalized coaching sessions assist you in navigating and untangling your old contracts with trauma and pain, and completion sessions serve to guide you in molding and embodying a life that feels authentic and fulfilling. 


Click below to book a call at your convenience. 

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All information and coaching provided on this website and in sessions are intended to help educate, inform, and inspire you to reach your own personal intentions and goals. They are not intended to replace or substitute any professional, medical, legal, or financial advice. Although Jolenny can act as a helpful guide on your path, she practices under the definition of a Trauma Informed coach. This means that Jolenny does not diagnose or treat any physical or mental conditions, and that her coaching services are not a substitute for professional counseling, treatment or therapy. While Jolenny may make suggestions, you are solely responsible for your own decisions, actions, and results. Jolenny does not guarantee any specific outcome or results from her coaching services. Your use of her website and any services she may provide to you constitutes your acceptance of this disclaimer.

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